During its inaugural year, the Taste of Saigon event, themed “Set the Vibes,” spanned three days from October 6 to 8. The event took place from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. and was held at the Independence Palace historical relic. It was open to the public free of charge and featured three main activities: exhibitions, competitions, and community works.

The event boasted a diverse range of content, including painting and digital art exhibitions, immersive interiors, and multi-sensory experiences. Attendees were treated to a variety of musical styles performed by talented artists, while high-end culinary brands showcased their culinary artistry. Additionally, young people had the opportunity to engage in intensive art education through workshops and seminars. Furthermore, participants could enjoy a unique camping experience in the heart of the city, surrounded by nature.

The highlight of the event was the artLIVE Mixology Championship (AMC) and artLIVE Pizza Championship (APC) competitions. These professional culinary and mixology contests aimed to showcase the skills of talented bartenders and chefs, who are the masterminds behind delectable drinks and wonderfully tasting cakes.

One of the community-oriented initiatives at the event was the non-profit project called “Draw Your Dream.” This project focused on providing activities for children and young people across the country, particularly those from underprivileged backgrounds, ethnic minorities, and pediatric patients battling cancer. The project encompassed various activities, such as educational support, financial and material assistance through scholarships and emergency relief, as well as the construction of schools and charity houses. Additionally, it aimed to create a platform for young people to explore and appreciate art.

The Unification Hall was delighted to collaborate with artLIVE Magazine & Events in organizing this event, which aimed to offer Saigon’s youth a unique fusion of cuisine and art and also included volunteer activities dedicated to children and disadvantaged individuals, highlighting the challenging circumstances that they face. All of these activities took place at the Independence Palace historical relic.





1868 – 1966