The Fire Prevention and Rescue Team of the Unification Hall, in accordance with the Law on Fire Prevention and Fighting, aims to effectively carry out fire prevention and fighting work. To achieve this, it is essential to provide officials and workers with the necessary knowledge on fire prevention, fighting, and rescue.

In collaboration with the Fire Prevention and Rescue Team of Region 1, the Unification Hall organized a comprehensive training program on legal awareness and practical skills related to fire prevention and rescue for its employees. During this year’s training, the Labor Officers of the Unification Hall acquired and enhanced their understanding of legal aspects, firefighting techniques, and escape skills. They also learned about the causes and severity of different types of fires and actively practiced firefighting strategies in hypothetical scenarios. These scenarios included using a gasoline tray fire extinguisher, deploying firefighting techniques with a hydrant, providing first aid to victims, conducting rescue operations, and implementing appropriate measures in the absence of medical equipment during emergencies. Additionally, they were trained on how to safely evacuate during a fire or explosion.

Upon completion of the training, the Unification Hall Labor Union not only gained valuable knowledge and essential skills to respond effectively in the event of a fire but also developed a heightened sense of responsibility for implementing fire prevention measures.

The Unification Hall expresses its gratitude to the Fire Prevention and Rescue Team of Region 1 for their coordination and organization of the professional fire prevention and rescue training course in 2023.



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