For the Vietnamese people, April 30th, 1975 is a historic day. It was the day the war ended, the country was rid of enemy invaders, and peace was restored to Vietnam. It was the day North and South was reunited. The 17th parallel is today just a historical vestige of a time past. As the war retreats further into history, the more we have to preserve and promote the spirit of April 30 for the sake of continued national peace and prosperity.

In this vein, the Reunification Hall coordinated with the Vietnam News Agency in Ho Chi Minh City to organize an exhibit called “Vietnam – the Ballad of Victory” and a conversation with historical witnesses such as Colonel Bui Quang Than, the former commander of tank 843 who raised the flag of National Liberation Front over the Independence Palace at 11:30 am on April, 30th; Captain Vu Dang Toan, former commander of tank 390, which crashed through the Palace’s main gate; and Mr. Dinh Quang Thanh, former Vietnam News Agency press photographer, who traveled as part of the Ho Chi Minh campaign and was present on that historic day of April 30th, 1975.

After cutting the inauguration band and visiting the exhibition, guests and university students had an conversation with history’s eyewitnesses to heart at second hand their own livies. Mr. Vu Dang Toan told the story of crassing through Independence Palace gate; Mr. Bui Quang Than told the story of entering Independence Palace and raising the flag of National Liberation Front over its at 11:30 am on April, 30th; Mr. Dinh Quang Thanh told the moment of great importance taking photos for the exhibit.

Photo Exhibition “Vietnam – The Ballad of Victory” and conversations with history’s eyewitnesses were a significant activity to remind Vietnamese people of our history, and  heighten our spended tradition in the war.



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