• Tour of the Palace Grounds by Electric car  (about 10 minutes)

The Independence Palace now also offers visitors the opportunity to experience the grounds in an open-air electric car. Collecting guests at the Palace entrance, the cars give visitors the chance to take in the grounds, while the car’s on-board audio-sytem provides details about the physical and historical features of the site. Convenient, comfortable, and safe for visitors, the car is a perfect way to explore.

Convenient, comfortable, and safe for visitors, the car is a perfect way to explore and relax.



  • Self-guided tour

The Independence Palace can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Visitors can discover the site’s history on their own through our state-of-the-art museum displays.



  • Guided tour

If visitors prefer, they can join one of our regular guided tours as part of price of the ticket. These tours never exceed 25 adults/group or 50 children/group (below the age of 15) and are led by our professional guides.



  • Self-guided tour with an audio guide

Visitors can also take in the Palace exhibition via audio guide. At present the tour can be heard in 10 languages: English, French, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, German, Spanish, Russian, Thai and Vietnamese. This too allows guests the freedom to enjoy the Palace at their own pace.


In addition, after completing the tour, visitors are invited to watch the 30-minute documentary film “The History of the Independence Palace” in our air-conditioned theater located on the ground floor. Visitors are provided four foreign languages: English, French, Japanese and Chinese in the film and experienced an fascinating tour in Independence Palace.

For visiting favourably, visitors  are advised to book tours  via 080.85039 – 080.85120.




1868 – 1966